gospel harmony

Gospel harmony

Why are there four canonical Gospels? Who wrote them and when? Was there a "Q source"? Are there errors in the Gospels? Do the Gospels contradict each other? Can we compile a coherent narrative based on all the four Gospels? This book attempts to answer these questions.

Tags: parallel harmony, synopsis, symphony of the gospels

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Part 1. Stating the facts

The oral Gospel tradition

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles

The Gospel of John

The Apocryphal Gospels

The Gospel canon

«Diatessaron» by Tatian

Other attempts to harmonize the Gospels

United Gospel

Part 2. Comparing the Gospels

The principles of harmonizing the Gospels

Genealogy of Joseph

The birth of Jesus

The Twelve

The legion of demons

The withered fig tree

Jesus arrested

Peter's denial

The crucifixion of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus

Jesus appears to many


Part 3. Gospel narratives in the Acts of the Apostles

The death of Judas

The resurrection of Christ

Ascention of Jesus Christ

Part 4. Criticism going insane

The "Q source" hypothesis

Criticism of the integrity of the Gospels

The angel at Bethesda

Forgiving the woman caught in adultery

Jesus sweating blood

Jesus’ appearance at the Sea of Tiberias

The ending of Mark's Gospel

Radical criticism of the Gospels

The author of the Gospel of Matthew

The author of the Gospel of Mark

The author of the Gospel of Luke

The author of the Gospel of John

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