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Calculator of the Church calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church

Orthodox calendar for any year

A simple calculator that can calculate Church holidays and fasts by days and month. You can easily find out what day will come this or that Christian holiday or fast. Non-movable dates are fixed relative to the church calendar, for movable dates (depending on Easter) is calculated for the selected year.

Javascript must be enabled in the browser, by default it is enabled if you have not changed the settings. Set the year using the arrows (when hovering the mouse over the input window) or simply enter a number and click "Calculate!". If necessary, repeat the calculation for another year. By default, the dates for 2023-2024 are calculated.

The religious year begins in September and ends in August of the Julian calendar or the old style, which is used by the Church. Dates are given according to the Church calendar, and in brackets for convenience, dates are given according to the Gregorian calendar or the new style (

Perpetual calendar

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The calculation range: from 988 to 4068.

In 988 NE (year 6496 of the Byzantine era) there was a Baptism of Rus, the adoption of Christianity as the state religion of the Russian state. 4068 NE (year 9576 of the Byzantine era) is the last year of 18 Indiction. More details about this is written in the my book «Biblical Chronology».