biblical chronology
biblical chronology

Biblical Chronology

In this book provides a scientific analysis of the gospel chronology, positively decisive dating key events in the life of Jesus Christ...

united gospel
united gospel

United Gospel

This is a book where for the first time the texts of the four canonical Gospels are collected in a single consistent narrative...

apocalypse interpretation of the 21 century
apocalypse. interpretation of the 21 century

Apocalypse. Interpretation of the 21st century

This book tells the story of the most mysterious book of the New Testament — the Revelation of the apostle John the Theologian, which contains a prophetic eschatological vision of future events preceding the end of the world. The interpretation combines both an ancient patristic tradition and a modern approach that takes into account prophecies that have already come true. Like any good book about the Apocalypse, it contains an original concept...