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In the old days the date of Easter was calculated on the fingers

Easter Calculator

Calculation of date of Easter

A basic calculator that can determine the dates of the Jewish Passover (using the Gauss formulas), Orthodox Easter (according to the Alexandrian Paschal cycle), Catholic Easter (according to the Gregorian Paschal cycle) for any year in the given range. You can always calculate date of Easter for a given year or 2023. Christians often wonder about the date of Easter for the coming year.

Javascript should be enabled in your browser; it is enabled by default if you have not changed the settings. Specify the year using the arrows (by hovering the cursor over the input window) or just type in the number and click "Calculate!". Repeat the calculations for a different year, if necessary. By default, the date of Easter is calculated for 2023.

Type in a year:

The calculation range: from -1495 NE (AD) to 6363 NE (AD).

Year -1495 NE (1496 BC) corresponds to the date of Exodus and the first Jewish Passover. Year 6363 NE (6363 AD) — not a prediction of the future, but just a number in the program. When calculating the date of Orthodox Easter, only the dates after 30 NE (30 AD) will work (the dates of the resurrection, or the first Christian Easter). When calculating the date of Catholic Easter, only the dates after 1583 NE (1583 AD) will work (this was the first year when Catholics celebrated Easter under the Gregorian Paschal cycle). For more details please refer to my book «Biblical Chronology».