answers for a jew

Answers for a Jew

This book offers answers to questions most commonly asked by Jews about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Why do the Gospels contain two genealogies of Joseph? Is Jesus God? Are there mistakes in the New Testament? Etc.

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Is Jesus a descendant of David?

Why do the Gospels contain two genealogies of Joseph?

Does the prophesy of Isaiah refer to a maiden or a virgin?

Does Jesus fulfill the prophecies about Messiah?

Is Jesus God?

What is the meaning of the cursed fig tree?

Can we view miracles as proofs of the coming of the true Messiah?

Did God testify about Jesus in a secretive way only?

Is it true that Elijah must come before the coming of the Messiah?

Is there a prophecy in the New Testament about the Jews never returning to Israel?

Are Christian priests allowed to marry?

Can I hate my enemy?

Can you repay evil with evil?

How many Jews went to Egypt with Jacob?

Who is buried in Nablus and Hebron?

Why do the copies of the New Testament contain so many inconsistencies?

Can there be mistakes in the Holy Scriptures?

Did Tatian write about contradictions in the Gospels?

At whose hands did the Jews suffer the most?

Why do Christians refuse to obey the laws of Moses?

Did Jesus break he laws of Moses?

Why is the Old Testament obsolete?

Concluding remarks. On conversion from Judaism to Christianity

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