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Issue N59

atheism as religion, valeriy sterkh

Atheism as Religion


The atheist’s “return to normal life” is often catalyzed by some form of personal loss or tragedy (loss of a loved one, incurable disease, fear of death). When this happens, the person cannot but think about the meaning and purpose of life and is able to hear to the voice of God in the heart and turn away from faithlessness.

But what happens if no miracle of rebirth happens in the life of an atheist, and they do not return to faith in God? Some will continue to lead their carefree and meaningless lives without ever thinking about the future or raising their eyes above. Others might stop and ponder the meaning of life. For an atheist, it is not an easy subject to think about. For "if God does not exist, all things are permitted, but all things are meaningless.” Having no faith in the afterlife prevents the atheist from finding any meaning at all in what they do. Indeed, why live if there is nothing beyond the grave? Absolutely nothing.

Religion can come in various forms. There are good and bad religions based on what they do to a human being. A good religion will provide hope, comfort, and meaning. A bad religion will lead a person down the road of hopelessness, despair, and a sense of utter meaninglessness.

Atheism is a bad religion.

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