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Issue N30

answers for a jew, valeriy sterkh

Answers for a Jew

Is there a prophecy in the New Testament about the Jews never returning to Israel?

Question: Why does the New Testament say that the Jews will never return to the Holy Land?

Answer: It is not easy to answer a question without a specific reference. But we can think about it using common logic. It seems reasonable that if a promise is made that a nation would never return to their land, then it must be concluded that this particular nation is now away from its land. But this was not true of the Jews at the time of Jesus – they still lived in land Judah. So, it is unlikely that such a prophecy could be found in the New Testament.

I could answer more specifically if I had a reference to a verse in the New Testament.

Are Christian priests allowed to marry?

Question: Why is not allowed for Christian priests to marry?

Answer: Such a prohibition has no basis in the New Testament. Only some Christian confessions require celibacy for priests. For example, Catholicism.

(to be continued)