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Apocalypse Cave (book)

E-book «Apocalypse Cave» is a commented photobook about the trip to the island of Patmos, which was the place of exile of the apostle John the Theologian, where he recorded the Revelation (Apocalypse).

The html version of this book is HERE (Apocalypse Cave).

Other photos of Patmos are HERE (photos of Patmos).

On the island of Patmos is only accessible by sea. The most convenient way to get to the island of Kos, as it is one of the nearest places to Patmos, where there is air communication with the outside world and regular sea communication with Patmos. The home of the Apocalypse can also be reached from the continental port of Piraeus or from one of the nearby Islands.

My path to Patmos lay through Rhodes. It is the largest island of the Dodecanese, which includes Patmos. Rhodes is washed from the east by the calm Mediterranean sea, and from the west by the stormy Aegean sea. In the northern part of the island there are sea berths. The most famous of them is the harbor of Mandraki, where stood the famous statue of the colossus of Rhodes, included in the list of ancient seven wonders of the world. Her story reminded me of Daniel's prophecy of a giant idol...

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