apocalypse millenium

Apocalypse. Millennium

(Chiliasm and Chillegorism)

Deals with one of the most mysterious passages from John’s Revelation, chapter 20, which describes the Millennial Kingdom. The book also features the analysis of the interpretative tradition for this prophesy based on the written sources, some of which are quoted for the first time for the purposes of this research.

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Book's contents:


Section 1. Terminology

Section 2. Background

Section 3. The chronological aspects of the problem

Section 4. An anthology of the ancient chiliasm

Section 5. Biographies (1 — 5 centuries)

Section 6. An overview of orthodox christian premillenarism

Section 6a. Quotes from the Holy Scriptures in the light of premillenarism

Section 7. Chillegorism and its variations

Section 8. Arguments against chiliasm

Section 9. Arguments against chillegorism

Section 9a. Improper methods of discussion used by chillegorists

Section 10. Chiliasm and the coming of the Antichrist

Section 11. Dangers of chillegorism



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